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Second-hand construction machinery Equipment with its high cost the unique advantages of growing market demand. At present, China’s second-hand equipment market is not yet mature, the more chaotic situation, the overall market is still at an early stage of development, the main small business, industry and the lack of effective supervision of the overall planning, there are many constraining factors. More decentralized form of used equipment transactions, 80% are in private transactions, which enables users to always at a disadvantage. Used equipment distribution companies to improve the overall level of transaction risk prevention, enhancing market confidence, March 1, 2010, the domestic trade, industry standard, “General technical flow of used equipment” (SB/T10529-2009) into effect.

Construction Machinery Has its particularity, the next piece of equipment in most cases will end with a project into a short idle period, this feature allows the mobility of large construction machinery, used equipment provided for the most important source. China Construction Machinery Industry After 6 consecutive years of rapid development, has entered the equipment off and on, the majority of users will update the market prospect is broad. Used equipment because of its high cost will be more favored by the users, especially those still in the initial stage of the need to cut expenditure in SMEs. .

Potential, second-hand engineering machinery and equipment to explore business opportunities According to the China Association of Equipment Flea Lease And used equipment for the professional committee to investigate the statistics, in 2006, China’s second-hand engineering machinery and equipment of approximately 34 billion transactions in 2007 reached 48 billion, in 2008 it reached 80 billion yuan, in 2009 transaction volume of about 100 billion yuan, the annual growth rate of more than 20% of both the industry developed rapidly.

World construction machinery industry with new equipment Sell The low profit era, profit margins have been extended to second-hand equipment market, its profit margins healthy, economically developed countries in Europe and the United States and Japan, known as the “gold industry.” Equipment rental and used equipment for the National Professional Committee of the Secretary-General Yu Xiaomei said, “The market clearly shows the development of ’strength in weak outside’ the situation, a small number of large international manufacturers in the domestic second-hand equipment market to seize the initiative, even in some of the equipment to form a monopoly, the domestic enterprises in a relatively weak position. “kenfor that the Chinese construction machinery in China’s construction machinery market, used equipment market is like an untapped treasure, business opportunities and great potential.

Recent years, with international construction machinery giant continued expansion in the Chinese market, large enterprises in the fierce competition between the race and the rise of many small and medium enterprises, the Chinese construction machinery market has been showing the intensified competition. Precipitation of second-hand equipment market a few years is enormous, the transaction is active, second-hand construction machinery market in almost close to the new trading year incremental growth. In the machinery industry, the second-hand construction machinery as 6 chain growth industries. According to Customs statistics show China imported second-hand 1998 Excavator Total of only several thousand, but each entry across the country on more than 20,000 second-hand excavator units, equivalent to annual sales of domestic excavator 1 / 3, secondary market demand is robust. Many Proxy Commercial manufacturers have begun to expand even used equipment business, such as Caterpillar, Komatsu and other manufacturers certified by the introduction of a second-hand equipment. Domestic manufacturers have begun to own or commission agents used equipment business development, despite the limited size, but the momentum. According to the China Construction Machinery kenfor understanding, in Shanghai, Wuhan, Hebei, Henan, Shaanxi, Beijing and other provinces and cities have more than 20 active second-hand construction machinery market, second-hand construction machinery such as the Northwest market, Beijing Prolink up Construction Machinery trading market.

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