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Wenzhou Shuangming Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Shuangming Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou shuangming Electrical technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech private enterprise which is committed to the development, production, sales, and after-sale service of high-tech electronic products. There are many products of varies series and varies specifications for medium frequency, high frequency, ultrahigh frequency induction heating equipment at present in our company, which are widely used for processing of stone, fasteners, cutting tools, metals tools, stainless steel products, and parts of automotive and Motorcycle. All our products are divided into three major series according to the frequency: Medium frequency series: 1-20kHz Main applications: Smelting (copper, brass, steel, aluminum, gold, silver, etc. ), forging, hardening, tempering etc. High frequency series: 30-80kHz Main applications: Welding, brazing, quenching, anneal, small scale melting etc. Ultrasonic frequency series: 5-30kHz Main applications: Forging, other through heating treatment. And all of our products are designed with a flexible range of input voltage, typically 340~420V, 50/60Hz, and 440V optional. To achieve stable quality and consistent performance, our Insulated Gate Bipolar Translators (IBGT) are imported from the leading suppliers in Germany. And with long term purchasing agreement for IGBT and other key components, we keep our cost rate still very competitive. Depending on our advanced technologies, best solutions and excellent after sales service, our induction heating machines are sold well at home and abroad, and most of the clients maintain long term cooperation with us till now. Just describe your work pieces and requirements, and we will provide you with our best advices. Welcome to enquire further information and details. For any question or technical support, please feel free to contact us directly and we can provide reasonable free test of your application in our workshop to ensure your satisfaction in advance of your purchasing. We will continue improving our design and technology in order to achieve even higher customer satisfaction and provide highest standard of service in the industry.

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