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Large Decorative Vacuum Ion Coating Machine

Large Decorative Vacuum Ion Coating Machine

Large Decorative Vacuum Ion Coating Machine

Price:US $ 150000 /Piece
Min. order:1 Piece
Trade Terms:0
Payment Terms:L/C,T/T
Trade Markets:North America,South America,Eastern Europe,Eastern Europe,Africa,Oceania,Mid East,Eastern Asia,Western Europe
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Mainly used in large scale stainless steel plate coating, stainless steel decorative coating, coating stainless steel components, stainless steel doors and Windows coating, automobile wheel hub coating, etc., can be plated titanium, rose gold, champagne gold, black, silver ions, nearly 200 kinds of decoration colors, using vertical front door design, abandon the traditional open top design, save installation space, better vacuum purity, more brilliant coating effect, equipped with many sets of arc source, the reasonable design cooling circulatory system, provides a perfect stainless steel decoration customers excellent coating experience. Product features (1) the film - strong adhesion, adhesion, membrane layer falls off not easily, strong ability of PVD coating system. (2) around the plating and improve the surface coverage. (3) the coating quality is good. (4) high deposition rate, film speed. (5) the membrane layer of the substrate material with wide range of membrane material Using ion plating technology can be in metal, alloy, conductive materials, even the conductive material coating on the substrate. Exhibited widely used in stainless steel frame, stainless steel parts, door flower, flower is aspersed, handles, plumbing hardware, precision mould, cutting tools, drill bits, etc., ion plating deposition film can be a metal film, alloy die, compound membrane; Can be a single membrane plating layer, also can plating composite membrane layer, can also be plated gradient coating and nano multilayer coatings. Adopt different membrane materials, different reaction gas and different process methods and parameters, we can achieve the surface strengthening hard wear-resistant coating, compact and stable chemical properties of corrosion resistant coating, solid lubricating coatings and special functional coatings. Commonly used film system including TiN, ZrN, TiAlN, TiC, TiCN, CrN, Al2O3, etc., in addition, there are more hard diamond-like carbon (DLC), TiB2 and nitrogen (CNx) film. Decorative coatingdeposition of more than 200 kinds of color, commonly used with titanium, rose gold, champagne gold, gold in Japan, cool silver, treasure ", rosy, such as all kinds of high brightness color, etc.

Large Decorative Vacuum Ion Coating Machine product offered by Tangshan Zunhua Fu Sen Titanium Equipment Limited Company

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