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Full Automatic PVD Vacuum Metalizing Coating/Plating Machine/Equipment

Full Automatic PVD Vacuum Metalizing Coating/Plating Machine/Equipment

Full Automatic PVD Vacuum Metalizing Coating/Plating Machine/Equipment

Min. order:1 Piece
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Payment Terms:L/C,T/T
Model:PVD Vacuum metalizing coating machine
Trade Markets:North America,South America,Eastern Europe,Eastern Europe,Africa,Oceania,Mid East,Eastern Asia,Western Europe
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Full automatic PVD Vacuum metalizing coating/plating machine/equipment 1, overview 2, Technical parameter / More models can be choosen: 3, Operational principle: U CJ series magnetron sputtering vacuum membrane plate machine: The principle of "sputtering" is to use the energetic particle (normally we used the gas positive ion) to bombard the object so as to make the surface atom of the object escape from it. As far back as 1842, Grove had found this phenomenon in the laboratory. U The magnetron sputtering target adopts the static electromagnetic field, which is curvilinear, while the plane target and cylindrical target adopt the uniform electric field and logarithm electric field respectively. U Under the effect of the electric field, the electron will collide with the argon atom in the process of accelerating flying to the substrate. When the electron has enough energy (about 30ev), Ar+ will be ionized and the electron will be produced and flying to the substrate; Likewise, Ar+ will accelerate to fly to the cathode (the sputtering target) and bombard the surface of the target with high energy and make the target sputtering under the effect of the electric field. 4, Application / coating samples / the effects that you want: U electrical appliances, U watch & clock, U golf head, U arts and crafts, U toys, U lights reflectors, U phone keypad housing and instrument, U plastic, U glass, U ceramic, U tile and other surface decorative coating film and functional coating of tool and mould. U ultra-black film, U gold decoration film U conductive film. 5, Features: U Good film thickness controllability and repeatability. U It can obtaint the detained thickness of film reliably. U It's easy to obtain uniform thickness film layer on the large surface substrate by using sputtering coating technology. U Strong adhesion of the film and the substrate. U Some of the high energy of the sputtered atoms generates the different degrees of incidence phenomenon, U forming a layer of pseudo-diffusion layer that sputtered atoms fused to the substrate atoms each other; U Different materials can be used to sputter to make mixed film and compound film, U a Tin imitation gold film also can be sputtered; U High purity with film layer, U the sputtering film layer will not be mixed with components of crucible heater material. U It is equipped with a low-temperature auxiliary ion beam source, U it can coat the film directly at room temperature without heating, energy saving and productivity improvement.

Full Automatic PVD Vacuum Metalizing Coating/Plating Machine/Equipment product offered by Shanghai Gehang Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd.

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